How To Benefit From Beach Body Workout

fitnessI always thought that it is impossible for me to lose weight until I tried out the Beach body workout program that requires only 10 minutes of my time daily. This breakthrough exercises combines the fat burning cardio, sculpting, abs moves and toning. When you use the program as it has been started out, then you lose the same calories in 10 minutes as you would have when you jog for 30 minutes.

The kit I got had everything that I needed in order to get better result in few minutes. It included yoga flex, abs, lower body, total body and cardio exercises. The tools that I got within the kit include the Rapid Results Guidebook, Customized Workouts Calendar, Cardio Belt, Pro-Grade Resistance Band kit.

The workout plan I got, had the following exercises.

10 minutes for the total body which is enough for sculpting the entire body from the head at the toe. Cardio which includes the punch, lunge and kick in order to blast the calories and fat. Lower body which includes 10 moves for 10 minutes that help in slimming down the highs and hips while lifting the buns. The resistance band helps in maximizing power with the super stacking and by adding the resistance to each move to get the result faster.

I can customize my workout

Customized workout calendar which is known to be for 10 minutes for workout without having to do the guesswork. Getting rapid results guidebook which is the guidebook which will work through the transformation one step by one step. 10- minute recipe guide can be loaded by healthy with delicious breakfast, dinners and lunches or snacks that can be made within 10 minutes.

The kit also consist bonus book which is perfect to use when you are on the Go and you cannot get access to DVD. You also get the jump start program which can be supercharged for two days.

I Enjoyed Using Beach Body Work Out Program

arnold-top-fitness-oksanaWhen it got the Beach body work out program, I worked on all the workouts found on the DVD and I was happy since the workout has been developed that I can have a personal trainer with me without having to spend too much time. The DVD explains all the move that have to be done and you can see how they should be done which means I was able to do everything in the right way. The trainer is also fit which gave me more courage to look like him.

How to do the best workout

The workout had a mix and match method which means that at least the workout of the 3 days will be matched up on daily basis. The bands may be used or not but they are included in the workout. I could decrease or increase the intensity of the workout depending on what I want to achieve. If I wanted to work on the lower or total body, I had to push up my strength. However, for my upper body I would relax and use any exercise that I feel like doing it.

It is easy to do the workout

What I liked about the workout is that I can achieve what I may have achieved in 30 minutes in only 10 minutes workout. When I have only 10 minutes to spare, I can work on the lower body and yoga flex. However, if I have more time, I can also do a beach body system like yoga booty ballet with a Kathy Smith. This is because I feel like the cueing is easy and it is not rough on my body.

The exercises helped me to annihilate belly fat and I can also work on my upper abs, oblique and lower abs. This means that I can get the results within 10 minutes. With this workout plan, you do not have any excuse on why you do not work out.