Bodybeast program

Most of the body workouts programs in the market will deliver desired results if you do one thing: DO IT. There is no magic bullet out there, you have to plan and follow the routines in the program. However before you buy any program, do yourself and read reviews that are easily available. It will ensure that you buy the only product that works for you.

The bodybeast program is a strength training workout program that involves a series of lifting some heavy weight most workout programs are more of moving exercises and some cardio exercise. There are some programs like P90X that has some weight lifting, but this program take it to another different level. Some reviews call this old school weight lifting.
You will be working with super-sets, drop sets and giant sets, there is no need to say more for you already have the idea ñ there will be heavy weight lifting. If you are after packing your body with huge muscles and acquire a lean body, then the Body Beast program is the way to go.
There are a number of equipment that you will be using in the program:
1. Adjustable Dumbbells
It is nice to have some variations that are decent. There are those that have chosen to start with 5-25lb dumbbells that are adjustable with 2- 30lb dumbbells. You should purchase a dumbbell kit that will allow you to have a greater weight variation.
2. Adjustable Weight Bench
A marcy diamond adjustable bench is recommended or you could decide to use a blow-up exercise ball. If you are at home in a garage gym, a bench should be your best choice.

You can check out this site for one of the best adjustable bench reviews at getfitathomeclub.com.
3. PULL UP BAR or Power Rack
If you can comfortable do some real pull ups then there should be no need to use the pull up assist bands that come with the system. If you canít, then use them as you slowly get the energy to do the real ones.
If you are just starting the program you should be prepared to deal with sore skins. If you have no history with traditional weight lifting there is a chance that you will be sore for days. You should go at your own pace keeping daily records of the weight you use every day. The record will help you know if the weights were too much and need adjustment the next day. The secret to this program is to actually do it ñ follow the routines however hard they are.