Do Your Exercises During The Lunch Time

image-12The first time I heard about the Beach body workout program, I did not feel like trying it at first time but after sometime a co-worker convinced me that I should give it a try. The workout promises to help the user to get the beach body he wants by doing the workouts in few minutes. The workouts are short which means that any busy person like me can squeeze them in his lunch hour break. The workout is grouped within the movements and not according to the muscles. The workout is good for someone regardless if he is just vacationing.

Get the body you like by working when you are able to

The routine has been designed to strip away the body fats in order to define the chest abs, the arms, and shoulders while the strength while also will increase.

When I followed up with the exercise with a good diet, then in six weeks I was able to have the body I wanted. With this routine, I was able to make any exercise I wanted. For example, I was allowed to substitute the horizontal rowing movement with the body weight row, dumbbell or seated row. For example if the bench press has someone, then I would have to use my powerblock dumbbells or machine press.

The exercises that I tried out

When it started, for example with one resistance workout, I have to start with the bench press and to at least 6 to 8 times. I had to do then the dumbbell row so that I can perform another six repetitions; I had to rest for one minute so that I can repeat the prescribed number for of the sets. I also included pull-ups on my power rack. All you need is a cheap one to do the beachbody programs so you can find a good site about power racks here.

I had to increase the super sets in order to increase the workout density. This involves moving from a certain exercise to a new one without or with a little rest in between. Using the super set, I was able to get twice the work done within the same period.